DRGLB5 – R 2​.​8

Next journey comes from DRGBL5 the gifted artist from Moscow.

The enigmatic gem from the depth of his mind is called R 2.8 EP, dives into the dub minimal techno zone with a twist of an atmospheric organic soundtrack.

His personal signature sound draws sci-fi scenarios, while he keeps a danceable approach for the listener.

Acid notes blistering into the time through his ”RO _2” track proves his fearless sound techniques, a pure blast for the speakers.

RO_5 outro track with broken beat and micro vocals and laser bins extract a deeper more esoteric look into the deep tech,

A fantastic EP that proves DRBL5 has a potential and the powerful force to build a new sound a level of escapism a new language that will translate the vides of the electronic community.

Connect with his frequencies and let your self-go, a journey round planet sound.

Soundcloud Artist _https://soundcloud.com/drgbl5

DRGBL5 – DJ and producer from Moscow. Works in different genres, but the basis of its sound determined by techno. A rich collection of music on physical and digital media, collaborations with other artists – all this characterizes him as a worthy adherent of music and master of his craft.

DRGBL5 – Nebula EP [CFM087]
DRGBL5 – R2.8 [SPR 011]
DRGBL5 & G Forza – Coma [SUPDUB080]
DRGBL5 – Underwater [HSL28 ]

For bookings/remix requests please contact: dirigible5@mail.ru

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