John Ov3rblast Fantasia Of The Unconscious LP

John Ov3rblast Fantasia of the Unconscious LP.

The composer, the artist, the sound alchemist, John Ov3rblast shares his latest album having in mind one purpose, to make the listener, dancer, sound explorer, experience the sound the whole release as the real life, a book, a film, a walk in the streets, a night in the centre of the city, a walk with the headphones in hidden landscapes.

Mixed LP defines the thirst for unexplored sound territories, a mixture of organic dub techno ambient hypnotic elements, floating layers of sublime sounds and frequencies.

The melodies like cloudscapes travelling into the deep blue mind skies. John’s compositions sounds like a digital poetry, the artist for almost a decade has never left his warm esoteric dialogues, a personal confession of life of pain, of a loss of a love, of life itself.

Step into the world of John Ov3rblast, close your eyes and let yourself go, we are in orbit once more, round planet sound.


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