John Ov3rblast – Sounds of the Universe | Spaceal Orbeats

From SpacealOrbeats
Sounds of the Universe , produced by John ov3rblast .
A breathtaking release from John, once more he creates a new era
of sounds, of vast spaces, deep orgasmic atmospheres.
As he always says, he is replacing the words with sounds, then Sounds of the Universe is a release that could only be described as his personal manifesto.
14 tracks splitted in several journeys, a huge puzzle of experimentalism open minded progression, a digital ceremony, a celebration of life.
His trade mark sound a mixture of hypnotic ambience shaked well and balanced with moving liquidish drum kits, a soundtrack from a science fiction odyssey.
Throughout his career, John tries to explore the vastness, the silence, making possible connections between genres, a modern sound alchemist.
The collaboration with the talented vocalist from France , Natasha Ferrand aka Nartingale offers a momentum from this release, Natasha brings her personal aura, through her lyrics adds a dreamy, nostalgic air, which pushing to outer reaches .
Sounds of the Universe plugs you in a digital vortex, a mystical arrangement, an ecstatic staticness, a conversation between the composer and the Universe, because this is what it is, a dream that recycles all the happiness, the pain, the loss, the melancholy, the weirdness, rippling textures of experimental techno, out of this world in his own dimension, time and space .
Welcome to the new world of John Ov3rblast, where everything is sound, everything is sound.
*vocals on the tracks ”Escapism” and ”Into the Future” from John Ov3rblast


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