Hadisel presents DJ Bahar – Reliance EP

Next journey from Hadi Soloki aka Hadisel and Mahsa Hajilary aks DJ Bahar, from Iran.
Hadi Soloki, Mahsa Hajilary
Hadisel and DJ Bahar are two producers in Progressive House/House from Iran.
The person behind the project DJ Bahar is the female producer Mahsa Hajilary. A mixture of progressive ambient techno house. Hadi and Mahsa created
a deep esoteric journey, layers of warm atmosphere, sacred mysticism,
Gloom track gives you the sense of a lost but not forgotten feeling, a story that dives inside the calm waters of the innerself.
Reliance a glorious ambient soundscape, melodies, floating ethereal colours of light, the staticness of the frozen airy elements parallel with the synth lines, an orchestrated gloomy story.
Fatimah continues the spiral ambiance, this time with a wobble pad, soft and fluffy like a cloud, meditate atmosphere, a heart fulfilling atmospheric scenario, almost a prayer.
Fatimah Airy Sounds mix, expands our acoustic pleasure, adding rithmetic kicks and hats, a personal exploration between several genres, an elegy to the morning sunrise.
Hasidel and DJ Bahar and their personal release from Spaceal Orbeats .
Close your eyes and let yourself go .


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