illocandlo & sobrio – Escalate EP



Our next release comes Russia and the duo illocandlo and sobrio shares
a fine techno gem straight from the underground .

The compositions are breath taking , evolving scapes with a organic
pulsating atmosphere .
The drum kits define the four to the floor theory and percussion give a shade of tribal and total motion .

Mysterious pad lines , terrific building ups that can transform into hidden
ambient paths .

Unpredictable scenarios from the depths of their mind .

Once more we have been driven from the passion the creativity the mental escapism , only sound can offer to us .

The tracks suits perfect for an after session in the middle of nowhere ,
or even in a drive through the cityscapes , a plastic fantastic world ,
where the time the space become one with music .

We are in deep orbit , around planet Escalate , the astronauts
illocandlo & sobrio are on a mission , music is our only destination _


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