Akin Ayberk – Obcsurity EP




We welcome again in our journey the talented artist Akin Ayberk from Turkey .
Once more his sound palette fulfills the gaps between the ambient dub techno to the hidden deep tech paths .
Etheric textured soundscapes , minimal drum kits , repeating reverbed spacey details , sounds from a distance galaxy .
Echoing chords , cinematic atmospheres , Akin definitely tried to
capture the after hours feeling and blend it gently with his personal esoteric journey and he succeed .
In the track ‘Avant L’Hiver’ you will find yourself lost in jungle of
sounds , a dark organic scape , the drum kit follow a very mystical rhythm .
‘Le Cles’ makes you wonder what is the distance between the darkness and the light , Akin explores with a very
sacred way the depths the hidden meanings of each sound , very carefully structured and obtained a spatial atmosphere to get lost and experience for hours .
‘Otag’ track more ambient and emotional , crispy details give more space to the audio exploration , like walk in a deep forest .
‘Obscurity’ comes with a fluently progress , you can hear the layers
all moving in several directions , stunning work from Akin , the broken beat addition makes it sound more organic , the pads are drawing maps in hidden landscapes , like sparks from a newborn star .
Akin Ayberk with his release defines the depth of his gift his path his personal way to describe his thoughts and feeling for the sound of tomorrow .We are floating away .

@ http://www.junodownload.com/products/akin-ayberk-obscurity/2878987-02/
soon from Beatport and iTunes , Bandcamp and all digital stores .


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