John Ov3rblast feat Andrea Krux-soprano​ : Beings of Thought EP


John Ov3rblast feat Andrea Krux-soprano​ : Beings of Thought EP
Release date 2015-02-09

Our next release comes from John Ov3rblast and the
unique collaboration with the soprano from Croatia
Andrea Krux .
Once more he is pushing the boundaries ,
a sculpt of electronic sound with epic opera .
He manages to offer a huge atmospheric track alongside
with the etheric vocal from Andrea .
There are no frontiers when we have
to deal with his imaginary stories .Warm pads
blended with delicate movements with the floating voice
of her , the feeling that you get is enormous , would
describe the birth of a new life , the glorious moments
of our destiny , the rise of our soul into the Universe .
The most beautiful things in the world cannot been seen
or even touched , they must be felt with the heart , this
is what can be said for this immaculate release from
John and Andrea .
The ambient version and the instrumental will offer
to the listener the pleasure , the deeper exploration into
the depths of his mind .
John Ov3rblast hailing from Manchester and he is sending
the message of love together with the huge mythical
voice of Andrea Krux . There is no turning back ,
the Beings of Thought are seeking for your Soul ,
open your mind your heart and dive into the sound.
Be part of our mission .

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