MOVEMENTS / Artist : Dream Evenly RELEASE DATE 2015-02-07 LABELS Spaceal Orbeats Records CATALOG SPO062

We welcome from United States the sound
hypnotist artist Dream Evenly .
Movements release speaks for the simplicity , the organic
atmosphere of dub techno genre .
Mellow ambient in all directions warming our senses ,
a jazzy feeling in all tracks makes your mind drift away .
His sound art blends a world of floating melodies ,
that are perfectly blended together , emotional and
motional vibrations balance together ,in harmony.
All tracks could easily work in a science fiction movie,
etheric vocals , all the details effected gives you
the space to stop thinking for a while and
concentrate into the sound ,into the moment .
Dream Evenly and his personal release needs to
be appreciated


and to be explored several times of the
day or night , he has managed to capture a deep
feeling of mental freedom , a peaceful experience .
We are in deep space Dream Evenly has take the control
close your eyes , take a deep breath and relax , we
are approaching Planet sound .Music is our only
destination , stay in orbit .


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