Marc Atmost – Distant Units EP / Remixers Izzit Man , Warmth
ARTISTS Izzat Man, Warmth, Marc Atmost
RELEASE DATE 2014-09-18
LABELS Spaceal Orbeats Records

Our next brilliant release comes from Ukraine and the
most talented artist Marc Atmost .
Dub floating soundscapes ,beautiful arrangements ,
softly spoken etheric atmospheres , from the intro track,
you will feel his unique blissful techy approach .
Warm ambience from the
background ,the synth lines


give the push that needs.
Sophisticated emotional sounds that will help you
to focus and relax ,meditate but in the same time to move
harmonically with the groove . Remixes in duty this time
is Izzat Man with his ambient dub
techno creation , spacey atmosphere , percs floating
all around , seems that the remix has been taking out from
a scifi movie .Outro remix from our beloved Warmth .
Quality is his nature and proves once more that he
can’t go wrong , every personal release of his ,is another
unique story , speaks for joy for life , speaks directly
to your mind .
Marc Atmost , Izzat Man and Warmth sharing their
deepness , parts from their innerside , sending you
somewhere you haven’t been before , close your eyes
and let the music float in your life . Everything is sound .


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