Our next release comes from the Italian artist KrAtos . Prepare your selves for a deep, emotional, minimalistic dub journey. Each track has something to offer , spacey , spooky, hypnotic drum loops, floating melodies , aggressive basslines . He has draw a very unique wide picture of his innerside , every detail every tiny small sound , reminds of as a forest of sounds , a brainstormer in full effect! Trying to create new frontiers between blues ,ambience, minimal tech and dub genres . You may find your self wondering in the after sessions even in the middle of set in a dark area of your life ,the unique sound from him can blend anything you have ever imagine through his personal vision of what could electronic sound is. Dark and light two dimensions in one . All colours of the sky , the waves of the sea mixed with his imaginery sound pallete ready to take you In another lost unknown landscapes. Close your eyes there is no need to say more , let your self to be abducted The journey has

just begun. http://www.beatport.com/release/abductions/12751799236596



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