Exclusive interview Warmth Agus for Spaceal Orbeats Records



Searching for new talented artists around the globe ,an never endless journey for our label , we have discovered 

an artist from Spain .His name is Warmth Agus . His latest release ”TRY” EP gave us the opportunity to speak 

with him about his visions his personal thoughts for the electronic scene and we tried to explore his personality 

through several questions. This is the first episode from a serious of interviews , stay tuned for more.

[Questions from Cristal Interspace]


1) What would you like to present through your new release? or What part of yourself do you want to present through your new release?

I’ve been making music for a year and a half, for me it was a very funny but sometimes very frustrating process. I’ve always been very interested in the melodic and ambient side of electronic music but I guess It was quite hard to find the style where I wanted to move. After making some tracks and remixes were a few labels that were interested in relese my music but most of them insisted that I had to work on more danceable stuff, I was trying for a while but I was not comfortable with the idea. Usually I have no preconceived notion of what I do, just trying different things and I let myself go, I think I came to realize that I was not really attracted to work on something like that and I just started to try different styles, looking for a bit of an identity and a sound that had just taking what I liked about each style.

The EP was born out of “There Where I Belong”, then I was working on a few tracks that had nothing to do with this. It was pretty random, the main idea came out in a while and I thought “this is closer to what I wanted to do”. For me it was like a shock, and I realized I had been going around in a circle and it really was something very similar to my first works, but with an aesthetic closer to 2 Step than techno. Somehow made ​​me feel very motivated again and the rest of tracks came up in just a few days. If I remember correctly it was all set in just a couple of weeks although my workflow is very slow.


2) What were the stimuli as children or teens your age and how it made ??you follow the production of electronic music?

Music was always very present in my house, my brother played the clarinet and I started studying music while still a child. I guess my first serious contacts with music were through New Age artists of the eighties like Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield. When I was older I came in contact with the electronic music very involved on labels like Border Community or Warp Records. I think I had in mind to work on my own music for a long time but it was not something I took seriously until I finally decided to try it.


3) Who is your favorite producer of electronic music and how you influenced by him?

Would be unable to name just one, there are many, from Boards of Canada to Apparat, James Holden, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins o Ulrich Schnauss, but now I still much influenced by artists like ASC, Indigo, DFRNT, Synkro or Soosh.


4) How did you start writing electronic music and how it has developed to date?

I would say the basic concept has always been very similar, I have always enjoyed working on the ambient side of the tracks and bring them to the maximalism and the bass has also been a very important part for me in my tracks. Actually I resort always more or less the same techniques. Something I’ve been incorporating is to make my own drum loops recording all kinds of tools… spoons, tongs, pens, my old walkman and stuff like this. For me it gives to the track a more organic feeling than typical hats or claps.


5) What is your opinion on the current electronic music scene both in your country and global level and whether to reflect this?

I guess the scene in my country right now is not very conducive to their own artists but there are many names that have achieved a high international profile like Henry Saiz, Pional, Oscar Mulero, Pablo Bolivar, bRUNA, John Talabot, Crisopa or Sistema and have opened a little the mind of the public. There are also lots of youg people working in a really innovative music looking for the deserved attention. Internationally I guess is also affected by the current situation but it seems that somehow still very strong scenes in many countries, maybe people can not afford to go out as before and that has pushed the closure of many clubs worldwide, but I would say that people live with more passion than ever the electronic music and maybe are now opening themselves to styles that have no place in a club. Then there is the EDM boom, there is always some movement of this kind, which a priori can be disgusting, but  I think in general these trends reinforce the taste of the majority for timeless and enduring styles.


6) What music do you listen to in your free time;

I used to get nostalgic I take to rescue the first records of Autechre, The Black Dog, Bonobo, Four Tet, Boards of Canada…


7) What equipment do you use for your productions;

I work with Ableton, I have a microKorg and  a couple of MIDI keyboards, so I work mainly with software, I use to work a lot with Reaktor and Kontakt from NI. 


8) What would you change in your path if you set now?

When I hear tracks that I did until recently I could not believe that I let them listen to anyone hahaha, but anyway,  they have some value for me because I spent many hours and learned a lot with them so I would not change anything, I guess you learn from everything that goes by, even those never ended projects.


9) What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue this profession, and also to someone who does not know if he wants to follow it;

Well, actually I did not take this as a profession, I have my work and make music is something I do because I like it, I mean, It’s not that I make money with it, rather I’ve spent enough on a small studio at home. See my work published is a reward rather personal, just few people can live exclusively dedicated to the production, so I hope that you do it because you like it and the way you like it, otherwise it will be quite a disappointing.


10) To what level you want to reach, what is your dream and how you see yourself a few years from now?

Well, as I said I do not aspire to live off music and I guess I’ve started working on my own productions quite late, I have already 32 years and I only just started, there are people with 25 that has released lots of albums. I’m happy to work on my music in my spare time and for me it is a gift that there are some people interested in what I do and want it to share it with the world. At very young I started DJing, I even made my first steps in some local clubs but at the time I was not having control in what I was playing so, It was not really motivating at all, was something that became an escape to me but was relegated once I started working on my own music, for me it’s a more direct way of expressing myself. If I had enough material and interesting enough to work on a LIVE in the future, that would be interesting to me.


11) What would you like to show the world who will listen through your new release?

I used to listen people saying my music is “chilled” and well, I don’t have any problem with the tag but honestly I’m not pretending to relax nobody. I know it’s just a way to call it but I make my music hoping that people feel things listening through, just like I do. 

For me music is very subjective, it makes me laugh a little when some releases comes with an extensive press release explaining the concept behind the music in a way that it seems an instruction manual, I mean, of course there is a concept behind of what I do and has a meaning for me, but I think the most wonderful thing about music is that everyone can find a different meaning and feel it to his way. I guess the first thing you may feel is certain nostalgic tone, dark and sad, I feel it too but was part of a passing moment for myself and just for that has also a very positive message for me. I just hope these tracks can take people to a nice place on his memories when hearing.


12) What personality traits do you consider useful for this profession?

I think it’s important to have confidence in yourself and in what you do, do things your way could might not open all the doors, but you will be greatly rewarded for every little achievement you get. 


13) What is the ratio of educational training and artistic inspiration that needs this profession?

I don’t think there is a direct relationship, I studied music, I started playing the violin as a teenager but at that time, due to a series of circumstances I ended up leaving but I don’t consider that helps me in producing electronic music. There are many producers with a huge talent that simply doesn’t know how to read a score. I’d say it’s more about intuition and good hearing.


14) Which music producers stand out this time, next to whom would you like to play your musical productions and why;

There are many people with huge talent out there, I love everything that makes Holy Other, it seems an outstanding producer to me, also DJRUM, Evenings or a duo called Regal Safari. I also find very interesting how some internet platforms have changed the rules and let people get to know and interact with each other, 15 years ago many of these people would not have managed to make any contact with labels to release his stuff, even being great musicians. Maybe the “business” is not as profitable as it was before but finally it has opened the door to everyone who has a nice story to tell.


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