John Ov3rblast – Abstract Realities by Spaceal Orbeats

Abstract realities from John Ov3rblast and Spaceal Orbeats brings us closer to unknown areas, where the artist will introduce us into his own personal atmospheric escapism. 
John’s compositions even after a decade of releasing still sounds otherworldly, a soundtrack from a sublime area in a faraway star system. 
His kaleidoscopic etherial orchestrations blend with micro spaces of deep tech, create a sci-fi cinematic template for deep esoteric meditations and after hours explorations. 
Arion main track split into three movements, a delirium of melodic layers, wide spacey pads, triggers the audience to multilayers of motions and emotional vibes, an endless apocalyptic mindblowing soundscape, with his personal signature, an evolved energetic pulse of light and stardust. 
His personal statement the sound is the language of the universe once again puts hidden enigmas for the listeners the dancers, without hesitation without keeping any distance from his distinction, till the last beat he keeps our interest, the stories expand, orbiting around, moving in and out, in full motion, the layers of polyrhythmic sequences, floating percussions, hats on reverb, the sound from a long distance. 

Everything sounds. 
The sound is the architect of our abstract reality



released February 15, 2019

The Angry Kids Sound – Head fire 

Aggressive electro-pop, The Angry Kids Sound, the project from Barcelona, kicks in, as our first release for 2019. 

Emotional poetry, wrapped in plastic, through nervous atmospheres, punked elements and most of all alive breathing electronic manifestation. 

Behind the sound, the angry machine of the Angry Kids is the multitalented artist Yuri Bellini. 

His trademark sound signature, reveals a passionate, fearless composer without limitations. Sounds like Depeche Mode, New Order on steroids. 

The Angy Kids Sounds our debut release for the new year comes with a rush! 

Pump up the volume and get into the zone.

DRGLB5 – R 2​.​8

Next journey comes from DRGBL5 the gifted artist from Moscow.

The enigmatic gem from the depth of his mind is called R 2.8 EP, dives into the dub minimal techno zone with a twist of an atmospheric organic soundtrack.

His personal signature sound draws sci-fi scenarios, while he keeps a danceable approach for the listener.

Acid notes blistering into the time through his ”RO _2” track proves his fearless sound techniques, a pure blast for the speakers.

RO_5 outro track with broken beat and micro vocals and laser bins extract a deeper more esoteric look into the deep tech,

A fantastic EP that proves DRBL5 has a potential and the powerful force to build a new sound a level of escapism a new language that will translate the vides of the electronic community.

Connect with his frequencies and let your self-go, a journey round planet sound.

Soundcloud Artist _

DRGBL5 – DJ and producer from Moscow. Works in different genres, but the basis of its sound determined by techno. A rich collection of music on physical and digital media, collaborations with other artists – all this characterizes him as a worthy adherent of music and master of his craft.

DRGBL5 – Nebula EP [CFM087]
DRGBL5 – R2.8 [SPR 011]
DRGBL5 & G Forza – Coma [SUPDUB080]
DRGBL5 – Underwater [HSL28 ]

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